30 April Writing Prompts for Bloggers.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

April is a month for new beginnings, at least for me. It's when I start to plant my garden, Spring clean, and go out more. With that, I wanted to compile a list of April writing prompts for bloggers. I hope you enjoy!

  1. What's in your Spring Garden
  2. What's your favorite spot to Spring Clean first
  3. Donate a couple articles of clothing you no longer wear
  4. What are you doing to de-clutter your computer?
  5. What has been making you feel proud lately?
  6. Create a Spring related DIY activity for your readers
  7. If you had the mindset you had now in highschool, what would you have done differently?
  8. Your "going to work" routine, if you work outside the house
  9. What are some apps you love?
  10. Create a VLOG
  11. 15 Facts about you
  12. Timeline of your day
  13. Springtime bucket list
  14. Whats in your handbag
  15. 5 blogs you love to read
  16. List of your favorite songs
  17. What is  your favorite comfort food?
  18. 5 throw back Thursday memories
  19. What is your must have clothing accessory?
  20. Do you have any unfished projects? Share them
  21. What do you do a lot in the Spring?
  22. What is your favorite April fools joke?
  23. This month's goals
  24. Your bad habits
  25. Behind the scene, how you prepare for a blog post, photo shoot ect...
  26. Your favorite Easter DIY
  27. Favorite Instagram accounts that you love to stalk. 
  28. What have you been pinning lately?
  29. Tips on getting out of the winter rut and into the spring sunshine
  30. Things you do, things you eat or drink that aren't good for you but you do anyways. (it's okay we all have these things!)

Fashion Share- Sketches and Photo Shoots & Tips

Monday, March 14, 2016


Happy Monday everyone!

I hope all is well. I'm recovering from a weekend of sickness, and night shifts. Today was my day off and I'm back to work tomorrow.

Anyways I wanted to share a couple of sketches that I drew up while I was in fashion school. I forget for what class I did this for but here they are. 

I wish I had more time to draw, and learn more techniques so I can get better at it. 

I was so obsessed with pointy shoulders, boots and hats. I have no clue where I got the name "Sci-Fi Comfort." I clearly hit my head because the name was so corny!

The drawings were pretty fun to make, and they are the best that I've done... unfortunately for now)

I also wanted to share my favorite photo shoots from things I've made, and shot myself. I used a very intro level camera which was the Nikon D3000. I've since then upgraded, but I'm happy with these photographs because I couldn't afford a photographer for my portfolio class, so my fiance bought me this camera.

I then learned how to use a DSLR using YouTube and books.

Below is my first:
 I created the Jacket, and my classmate modeled it for me.

A few months past and I made this:
I used the same pattern, but a soft silky fabric for this jacket. I made a basic white cami, and pant set. A teacher let us use their motorcycle.

There are many more photo shoots in between but here are my last couple garments/photo shoots:

My Personal Tips 

Over the years I've gotten better, and I'm proud of how much better my photography has gotten. I'm no way a pro, but I do take my work seriously. I wanted to give a couple tips how how you can learn how to create and photograph your own garments:
  1. Be friendly, get to know your peers. They may end up being your models! Everyone I worked with were classmates/ former classmates/ co-workers.
  2. Practice with your camera, before you go out and photograph people, you need a lot of practice. I'm talking months to even a year. Learn to focus on items, maybe a park which has a lot of things you can focus on. 
  3. Learn to shoot RAW and manual. Especially shooting in RAW+JPEG. It can literally bring a photo from the dark.
  4. Watch a lot of YouTube Videos: FroknowsPhoto and DigitalRev are my favorite.
  5. Just have fun, create photo stories that you will look back on and smile at.
I hope this post helps someone learn how to use a camera. As you see from my first photo shoot from my last I've gotten better.  I hope that one day I'll be a super awesome photographer! I'm learning every day.

Slim Quick Pure Horror Story, 5 Days into Blogging & More

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hey everyone, I hope all is well. Today marks the 5th day that I've been blogging on this cute little space I made for myself. I'm liking it so far! I hope you can join me on this journey!

Slim Quick Pure Horror Story

I had a little hiccup this week, on Thursday I finally gave in to everyone's "You're getting chunky" comments and I started taking Slim Quick Pure... it was a horror story that landed me in the emergency room. Let's back track a little... So I'm 127 pounds now, but a couple months ago I was at a steady 122 pounds. Not much... I know this now but with family telling me how "chunky" I'm getting I felt I had to do something. I have a stationary bike and rower I work out on almost every day, and plus my job is physically demanding as well as a CNA. I buckled, I got tired of the comments and found myself at CVS in the diet section scoping out the "most natural" diet method to help me jump start a diet that I probably didn't even need. On Thursday I took my first dose of Slim Quick Pure, within 45 minutes I started to sweat, get a mild headache, and my heart felt like it was pounding out of my chest.

The kids were asleep and I felt the need to lay down, I was dizzy, and my headache turned into a pounding mess every time I got up. I managed to take a nap and I was awaken with pain in my joints as if I worked out for hours. I got up to use the bathroom my neck was swollen, and I was dripping sweat. I managed to get enough energy to bring my son to school, and once I got home I fell into a deep sleep until my fiance stopped by and he quickly took me to the ER. Once there I was hooked up to all these monitors, given bags of saline, and come to find out I had a bad reaction to the pills. They are not "natural," and they are not approved by the FDA.  After I was treated I was then released, scared, sick, and a mess. This was just my body's reaction to the pills, everyone is different.

What makes me sad is I gained a few pounds which I was okay with, but I could have killed my self because of what other people were saying. It makes no sense why I would even care what they are saying. I'm 127 pounds and I had two kids, I work out almost every day. It makes me sad that I would even go to that level and take a diet pill, not for me, but for them.

While at the hospital, specialist would ask me if I had a eating disorder, if I needed counseling, and a load of other questions. I felt like a crazy person, everyone was looking at me like a crazy person. I regret buying those pills, I regret it more because I didn't do it for me, I did it for other people.

Today I'm back working, and I am starting to feel like myself again.

I guess the moral of the story is: Listen to yourself.

Enough of that!

Blog Tweeks and More

So, as I stated above I've been blogging a little less than a week. Since then I've done a lot to improve the appearance of the blog let's go down the list of everything that I've done thus far:
  1. Thought of the name: I wear jeans all the time, it's my go to for everything I wear unless I need to dress nice. 
  2. Created the blog: I love blogger I've used it for my last blog. I thought to use WordPress but I thought to myself I do this just for fun, I'm not going to dish out hundreds of dollars. I paid $14 for the URL via Godaddy and called it a day.
  3. Created the layout/ Graphics: This part of the blog took a bit. I originally wanted to design a blog with 3 columns, two small ones and a big one in the middle. It didn't look right, so I decided to do 2 columns. I kept the design simple, as as easy on the eye as possible. I choose the blue because of blue jeans of course. 
  4. Social networks: I created a Instagram, changed the name of my Twitter, and created a new Facebook. 
  5. Created a few blog posts. 
That's about it. On my days off I plan on adding some more content to the side bar. 

How to Hem Pants (with video's)

Friday, March 11, 2016

Good day everyone! I hope everyone is doing fine. Today I wanted to compile a list of my favorite videos on how to hem your pants. There is no need to pay someone to alter them, when you can do them on your own. It just take's patience!

First up, for those who don't have a sewing machine here is a video on how to hem a pair of pants by hand.

Does your husband make you alter everything!? Show him this. It's easy, and it's a GUY doing the sewing.
This is for those who would like the "blind stitch" look.
Hem a pair of jeans, while leaving the factory hem intact
How to hem shorts/ jeans with sew and no sew ideas.

I hope this post was helpful. These are the ones that I found super helpful, and I occasionally look back on when I forget a step or need a refresher course. 

Have a good night everyone.

How to Sew a Zipper (With Video's)

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hey everyone. I hope everyone had a great day. Today I did my research because I wanted to find you guys the best tutorials on how to sew a zipper. I learned while in fashion school, but I personally look back at these if I feel as if I missed a step. Sewing a zipper can be the easiest thing to learn once you get all the steps down.

I personally love sewing zippers to make make-up bags, pencil/pen bags, and coin pouches. I made about 10 bags during the holiday season, and it was fun, and didn't take much time at all. Once it's all set, your fabric is the main attraction and you or the person receiving it will love whatever you make with a zipper.

I buy my zippers on Wawak's website. 


I personally love this video below because when she gives us direction it feels like she's actually talking to us one on one. She is very educated and if you check out the rest of the videos on her channel she takes her time to make sure the quality of her video is top notch. 

Here is another version on how to sew a zipper. This video has the directions written on the screen as well, so you can pause and start it as you go.
How to sew in a separating zipper (For a coat/vest/Sweater)
How to sew in a fly zipper for jeans

I hope that this post helps you. I posted the videos that I think are the best, and that have helped me. I hope it helps you as well. Have a great night everyone.

The Cliche Introductory Post

Monday, March 7, 2016

Hey everyone, thank you for checking out my blog. I'm Jennifer, I'm blogging to you from Connecticut, USA. I'm a fashion design graduate, former business student, and a Certified Nurses Aide. I work the weirdest hours which include overnight and day hours. I am part of the "sandwich generation" which means I take care of my own children, while I take care of my 91 year old grandmother. I have a fiance, and a set of fish and two birds.

I began blogging over 6 years ago when my son was born. The blogs original name was Gibmee, which was just baby language for how my son said "Give me." The blog focused on my day to day parenting, and caring for my grandmother. As my children got older I was starting to feel uncomfortable with them being online if they didn't have a clue about it or didn't want to be online. Although the blog is still up I haven't posted on there in so long.

I created this blog because I wanted a place where I can escape from my real life. Something different than children and grandparents, seriousness, and the day to day grind. I want this place to be a positive outlet where I can talk about fashion design, the process of fashion design, DIY projects, photography and lots more.
Things I love to Collect:
  1. Cameras
  2. SD Cards
  3. Sneakers and Shoes
  4. Sweatshirts
  5. Makeup
  6. Cleaning Supplies
Places I Love to Shop
  1. Aldi
  2. Uptown Consignment
  3. Platos Closet
  4. Once Upon A Child
  5. Sallys
  6. Ulta
  7. Stop & Shop
  8. Amazon
  9. Affordable Fabrics
  10. Michaels Craft Stores
  11. Joann Fabrics
  12. A.C Moore
  13. Home Depot
Favorite Foods & Drinks
  1.  Coffee
  2. Hot Chocolate
  3. Mini Cucumbers
  4. Grapes
  5. Salads
  6. Sunflower Seeds
  7. Almonds
  8. Soy Milk
  9. Walnuts
  10. Apples
  11. Bananas
  12. Lemon Water
  13. Protein Bars
Favorite Computer Software
  1. Microsoft Office
  2. Photoshop
  3. Lightroom
  4. Dreamweaver
  5. Itunes
  6. Paintshop ProX 
 Favorite "Famous People"
  1. The Four Seasons
  2. Frank Sinatra 
  3. Elizabeth Taylor
  4. Blake Lively
  5. Nina Dobrev
  6. Leonardo DiCaprio 
  7. Jesse James Decker
  8. Marilyn Monroe
  9. Leonardo da Vinci
  10. Coco Chanel
  11. Amelia Earhart
  12. Cleopatra
  13. Pablo Picasso
  14. Charles Darwin
 Places I've Traveled within the USA
  1. Orlando, Florida
  2. West Palm Beach, Florida
  3. Atlanta, Georgia
  4. Chicago, Illinois 
  5. Northern,Texas
  6. Northern,New Mexico
  7. Flagstaff, Arizona 
  8. Los Angeles, California
  9. New York City, New York
  10. Southern, Vermont
  11. Southern,New Hampshire
  12. Springfield, Massachusetts 
  13. Newport, Rhode Island
  14. Various places in New Jersey
T.V Shows I Enjoy
  1. The Vampire Diaries
  2. The Originals
  3. Once Upon a Time
  4. Son's of Anarchy
  5. Full House/ Fuller House
  6. Jane the Virgin
  7. 90210
  8. I Love Lucy
  9. Everybody Loves Raymond
  10. Sleepy Hollow
  11.  iZombie
  12. Boardwalk Empire
  13. Beauty and the Beast

 So I ran out of lists to make, but I hope it was enough to get to know me better. Writing here is something that I would like to do for a while and I'm happy to have you come along on my journey.