30 April Writing Prompts for Bloggers.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

April is a month for new beginnings, at least for me. It's when I start to plant my garden, Spring clean, and go out more. With that, I wanted to compile a list of April writing prompts for bloggers. I hope you enjoy!

  1. What's in your Spring Garden
  2. What's your favorite spot to Spring Clean first
  3. Donate a couple articles of clothing you no longer wear
  4. What are you doing to de-clutter your computer?
  5. What has been making you feel proud lately?
  6. Create a Spring related DIY activity for your readers
  7. If you had the mindset you had now in highschool, what would you have done differently?
  8. Your "going to work" routine, if you work outside the house
  9. What are some apps you love?
  10. Create a VLOG
  11. 15 Facts about you
  12. Timeline of your day
  13. Springtime bucket list
  14. Whats in your handbag
  15. 5 blogs you love to read
  16. List of your favorite songs
  17. What is  your favorite comfort food?
  18. 5 throw back Thursday memories
  19. What is your must have clothing accessory?
  20. Do you have any unfished projects? Share them
  21. What do you do a lot in the Spring?
  22. What is your favorite April fools joke?
  23. This month's goals
  24. Your bad habits
  25. Behind the scene, how you prepare for a blog post, photo shoot ect...
  26. Your favorite Easter DIY
  27. Favorite Instagram accounts that you love to stalk. 
  28. What have you been pinning lately?
  29. Tips on getting out of the winter rut and into the spring sunshine
  30. Things you do, things you eat or drink that aren't good for you but you do anyways. (it's okay we all have these things!)

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