How to Hem Pants (with video's)

Friday, March 11, 2016

Good day everyone! I hope everyone is doing fine. Today I wanted to compile a list of my favorite videos on how to hem your pants. There is no need to pay someone to alter them, when you can do them on your own. It just take's patience!

First up, for those who don't have a sewing machine here is a video on how to hem a pair of pants by hand.

Does your husband make you alter everything!? Show him this. It's easy, and it's a GUY doing the sewing.
This is for those who would like the "blind stitch" look.
Hem a pair of jeans, while leaving the factory hem intact
How to hem shorts/ jeans with sew and no sew ideas.

I hope this post was helpful. These are the ones that I found super helpful, and I occasionally look back on when I forget a step or need a refresher course. 

Have a good night everyone.

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