10 Homework Tips for College Students

Friday, April 29, 2016

Happy Friday everyone! In no way shape or form am I some sort of college expert but I went through about 9 years of it, two graduations and a certificate. When I first started college I was a lost puppy, and I had no one to turn to if I needed help. I used many school resources, and learned a lot on my own. One place I struggled and then succeeded in was homework. Today I want to share with you my tips and tricks to get it done, and get on with your life. Let's begin...

  1. Old school tip number one, your phone isn't invited. Put that bad boy away, as far as possible. You're going to look at it every five minutes, jump at the next notification and a home, upload a picture on Instagram, then snap something on Snapchat. A homework assignment that could have taken you 45 minutes to finish, is now a homework assignment that is going on the third hour. 
  2. Old school tip number two, get a notebook... Not a laptop. This notebook you buy at Staples, and guess what... IT HAS PAPER IN IT! *mind blown* When you write your notes on your tablet or laptop, you know what happens? I'll tell you exactly what you already know. You open your computer, open Microsoft Office, write your name, the date, and your class. You then proceed to open your internet browser check your email, pop on over to Facebook, then go on YouTube to check out Beyonce's new video. Next thing you know you're watching crazy cat videos 6 hours later. Using a notebook will keep all your notes away from your entertainment. You need to have the willpower to stay motivated. The internet is a magnet that is asking for you to come out and play, when you have things you should be doing. If it gets to the point where your internet is taking over your homework life, might as well ask your parents to change that WiFi password. 
  3. Take a break... yes I just told you to stop browsing the internet, but this is the exception. If you've been studying for an hour, maybe two, you NEED to take a break. After a while you just become numb to all the information and your brain starts turning into mush. Take a ten minute break, do a couple jumping jacks, and re-hydrate.
  4. Get sleep... You should make it a point to get 6-8 hours a sleep. Go to sleep at a normal time, so you wont be cranky in the morning. If you absolutely need to go out and party, make sure it waits for the weekend. 
  5. Read the ENTIRE homework assignment before you dive in. If there are case questions read the questions before you start reading. The questions will already be in your mind while you're reading, and it will be like a light bulb when you read past an answer. 
  6. When you're writing an essay either disable the internet or write it on paper. This is more for the first and second draft. You'll spend more time than you need on this essay that could have been done hours or days ago. (see #2)
  7. Get comfortable. When doing long homework assignments do it somewhere you're comfy. Don't sit anywhere your back will ache from later. Make sure you are hydrated, wearing comfy clothing, and clear of clutter. 
  8. Join a homework group. We're all in this college life together, why go through it alone?
  9. Wake up early, and get to class. What does this have to do with homework? You will miss your next homework assignment, and have double. 
  10. Manage your time, don't double book friend dates, lunches, hang out time or whatever you call it these days. You need to have a set time for everything including homework. Let your friends, your boyfriend or girlfriend or even your family know this. College is a huge investment, you need to also invest in IT. You get out what you put in, and you don't want to graduate not knowing a thing about your subject. Don't be that person that barely passes, the one who just got by. Think about your doctor... how would you feel if the doctor that just got by is about to perform heart surgery on you or a loved one? 
Well, with that said, go ahead and do your homework! Get it done, and get on with your life. No one wants to be stuck inside doing their homework on a beautiful sunny, Spring afternoon!

Gardening, Growing Seeds & Tips for Growing Your Indoor Garden.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I started growing my garden 4 weeks ago, and I am so proud of myself. I've never had a green thumb but this time its going great! Since a majority of what I eat are greens, I decided to start my own garden. I went to Home Depot, and stocked up on seeds, soils and other random gardening supplies like there was no tomorrow. So far I've planted:
  • Peas
  • Strawberries
  • Tomoatos
  • Carrots
  • Cabbage
  • Spinach
  •  Lettuce 
I cannot wait until I'm able to pick and eat whenever I want.

 I am no way an expert on growing a beautiful garden, but I wanted to share tips on how I got this far. These tips I learned from my 90 year old, Grammy who totally has a green thumb.
  1. Soak the seeds that you're going to use in water for a day. According to Grams it gives the seeds a jump start. The next day put them in soil. 
  2. Get a mini greenhouse and plant your seeds. Put your mini greenhouse as close to a window as possible. 
  3. Water from the bottom, so you don't damage the seeds from above. 
  4. After a day or two, get a grow light, it will make sure your plants get the 12-15 hours a day of sunlight that they need. Just make sure you turn it off, because plants also need night time. 
  5. When your plant starts to emerge, use a water bottle to give it a quick spritz every day, but keep watering it from the bottom to prevent damaging it. 
  6. To water your plant from the bottom, place your pot or pods into plastic cups or plates and simply water from the bottom. 
  7. Just use potting soil! Everything I was using before wasn't working at all. 
  8. Keep your seeds as warm as possible. The warmer the seeds are, the better they will grow. There are even greenhouse incubators you can get for about $30 if you're late in the season and you need that extra boost. 
  9. Turn your plants daily. If they are tilting to the right, move them to the left gently. It helps make their stem stronger. 
I hope my grandmothers tips, and now my tips which I will use for years to come help another "beginner" out. 

What are some of your tips for starting your very own garden?

39 Blog Post Ideas/ Writing Prompts for May 2016

Sunday, April 24, 2016

If you're anything like me, you get brain farts, writers blocks or many terms that mean the same thing. It's okay, it's normal we are human. Your writers block can be from you having a long day of work, having children, or just having a lot to do. I compiled a list of writing prompts that I will look back on, and use when I have a bad blogging day. I hope they help you as well!
  1. What's in my purse?
  2. Top 5 products of the month
  3. What have I Made?
  4. Favorite Sewing Products
  5. If you can meet a fashion icon from the past, who would it be, what would you say, and where would you meet?
  6. Create a wish list
  7. Tips and Tricks to get through college
  8. Favorite Bloggers
  9. Show some of your equipment (IE: Photographers showcase cameras and lighting set up or fashion designers showcase your sewing space. 
  10. Weekend DIY Project
  11. How to organize blogging space
  12. Conversations with an elderly relative. 
  13. Show the latest workout routine you love. 
  14. End of Spring, bucket list
  15. Review a book
  16. Review a show/movie
  17. Day in the life post
  18. Awful fast food experience. 
  19. Makeup tips for steamy hot days
  20. Must have workout items
  21. Get ready with me
  22. Thirift store haul
  23. Interview someone in your niche
  24. Week round up
  25. Netflix Shows your binge watched. 
  26. Rant about pet peeves
  27. Favorite go to snacks
  28. Your tattoos and piercings 
  29. Your go to hair style
  30. Morning routine
  31. Purchases of regret
  32. Night Routine
  33. How to organize clothes
  34. Spring Cleaning Tips
  35. Favorite cartoon characters
  36. Favorite non makeup cosmetics
  37. Favorite books in your niche
  38. Favorite Instagram accounts in your niche
  39. Favorite Twitter accounts in your niche
Feel free to use all or some of these if you're in a writers block. I would love to see what you write! Link down below! 

Stick and Shoot Cameras for the Blogger in your Life

Thursday, April 21, 2016

One thing about being a blogger, or using social media to express yourself is that you need a camera. I currently have a bunch of cameras because I honestly love collecting them. Such cameras are:
  1. Nikon D3000 DSLR
  2. Nikon D3200 DSLR
  3. Nikon D5100 DSLR
  4. Nikon D90X DSLR
  5. Nikon D200 DSLR
  6. GoPro Hero 1
  7. Sony Cyber Shot RX100
  8. Nikon CoolPix S6900
  9. Kodak Easy Share Z740
  10. Panasonic HCv10 Camcorder
  11. Kodak Pony II (film) (no longer works)
  12. Minolta Weathermatic Dual 35 (film) (no longer works)
Lenses include:
  1.  Nikon DX 18-55 (2 of them)
  2. Sigma DG 70-300
  3. Sigma 28-80
  4. Nikon DX 55-200 (2 of them)
And you ask, why do I have so many cameras, many that I no longer use. Simple answer- I love to collect them. I love to look back after a few years and say... Hey I want to use this camera and this lens to see what happens.

With that said, I have my eye on the new "Stick and Shoot" cameras. Stick and shoot cameras can be placed on anything metal. They are small enough to put in your pocket!

I think the "Stick and Shoot" cameras would be awesome to those bloggers who showcase their outfits of the days, makeup of the days, and maybe them at work in their studio. It's small enough to literally stick everywhere. This is a great idea to those bloggers who don't have a photographer, friend who can take a picture or even a camera.

Most of these camera's don't go over $100 USD, and can be a great alternative, and I'm going to eventually add one to my collection.

So, here I present my finds on what are my favorite "Stick and Shoot" cameras.

First of:

The Podo: Stick and Shoot Camera $99 USD
This is known as the "first stick and shoot camera" It retails for $99 and it's available to pre-order on their website.  

According to the website, it's wi-fi enabled, and you can control it from your phone.  I actually just discovered this particular one from seeing it a commercial from YouTube. Although the website states it's the first "Stick and Shoot" camera, I've seen these from different companies from months before.

LC Prime Stick and Shoot Camera $71.99 USD

Next up, is the LC Prime, Stick and Shoot Camera. It looks much like the Podo... A lot like it. It actually has many identical features, but it's ready to ship and it's only $71.99.

Sumsonic COCA Lifestyle Sick and Shoot Camera $66.99
This particular stick and shoot camera is the cheapest. It's only 8MP, but offers many of the features the other cameras have. According to the reviews, it only has a 20 minute record/picture time, even though it advertises 80 minutes, and even one say that the Sumosonic has not so great sound quality.

In my honest opinion, if I do get one, it would be the LC Prime Stick and Shoot camera. My reasoning would be:
  1. It's ready to ship, no pre-order needed
  2. It has almost identical features as the Podo
  3. It's a little cheaper, but not the cheapest. 
I think this little camera would be a great addition to my collection and if I do get it, it would be that one!

*This post was not sponsored, I wrote it so I can help other fellow bloggers choose equipment that is best for them. *

What to Expect at your Orthodontic Consultation

Monday, April 18, 2016

Today I went into my Orthodontic Consultation, and I was surprised in a good way. Let's me start with a back story.

I had braces when I was in middle school and high school, but they had to be taken out before time, and not only did I never finish the braces, I lost my retainer in the process. My wisdom teeth started coming out, and they came out totally wrong. They weren't growing out, they were pushing against the teeth and I had to get them removed. It was horrible. Now, at 29 years old, I'm getting braces again to fix everything that went wrong the first time.

I originally went in to get Invisalign aligners.  Because I have a slight overbite, it wasn't going to benefit me. I was then shown ceramic and metal braces. The ceramic is almost clear and will go on the top, and the traditional braces will go on the bottom. This way is actually cheaper by almost half than the Invisalign aligners.

So, at my appointment, I walked into Columbia Dental, and started filling out all the paperwork... so much of it, but it was expected. I waited a few minutes, and they called me back. The hygienist checked my teeth out and then the ortho came in. 

My gums were still puffy from the cleaning I had a couple days prior, and of course the ortho was pressing down, and doing all these things that made me want to scream. I'm pretty sure in any other circumstances I wouldn't have been in so much pain. The cleaning was hardcore, and she didn't go easy on me.

The ortho then explained that we can do Invisalign aligners, but it wont fix my overbite, and it wont take as long if I do the metal/ceramic braces.

So, with that said I choose the metal and ceramic braces.

Price tag:  

The price of the braces will total $4500, while the Invisalign aligners would have cost $7200. I will be making a down payment of $1,000, while on contract to pay a certain amount every month.

It may take 12 to 18 months to complete the whole process. 

I will express to them to tighten those wires as tight as humanly possible, I honestly just want this process to be over with. I'm hoping the quicker they straighten, the less money it will be.

After braces goals

After my braces come off, I will be doing a gum reduction. As I stated in my last post, I have deep pockets, and they are naturally puffy. Which can lead to a bunch of stuff like Gingivitis.


Dental Cleaning: What to Expect.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

As I start my journey to adult braces, there are several steps I have to take before I embark on that journey. I officially get my "Adult" braces in two weeks!

In order to get braces, I had to get a series of things, such as a cleaning. A deep cleaning. and this will be a TMI post.

I have deep pockets, it's not fun and requires a lot of flossing, and brushing to keep them manageable. I skipped a year of cleaning, and that was bad news.

I made an appointment, and two days ago I finally had the cleaning.

They called me in, and they sat me down on one of those handy dental chairs, they had the tools they were going to use already out. The dental hygienist who worked on me was very nice, she made me feel comfy as she put the head of the chair down.

She examined my teeth briefly, and went right at it.  She used a scaler that sprayed water on my teeth. It kinda felt like the tip of the scaler was spinning. My teeth are very sensitive, and the water although she said was at room temperature, felt cold and my teeth hurt.

The scaling, did hurt at times, it was also uncomfortable of course. The dental hygienist was having full conversations with me while I was there with a mouth full of water and blood.

There was a suction cup that gathered all the nastyness. I think it left hickies on my cheek because she just left it there while she was using the hook like tool on my teeth.
It was bad, really bad... but she said its normal to have this much blood during a cleaning. After 10 minutes I was ready to be out, but I was already in too deep. She went so deep into my gums, I was bleeding for hours after the cleaning.

After the scaling, water part, she went in with another hook like tool, and did what she just did, all over again. This one really hurt, she went in deep and I saw so much blood on her gloves, but it was a pain that sucked, but was manageable. This process took about ten minutes. Then she again sprayed me with water and used the suction device.

After that she then took a rubber tip tool, and put dipped it in Fluoride and cleaned the teeth with it. 

She then sprayed my teeth with the water, and suctioned out the water, and did that for about 4 minutes until I looked presentable to go outside.

Flash forward to a couple of days, I have more pain now than yesterday. My gums are very swollen, and I feel the metal blood taste in my mouth. She stated that it will be normal and give it a couple

I can't believe how swollen my gums are, it hurts to eat, to brush and feels uncomfortable to drink.

I guess it's all worth it. All this pain, and it didn't include a whitening.

Next up, a cavity filling for 3 teeth!

I hope this helps anyone who has a dental cleaning coming up. Although it's very uncomfortable, it is manageable, and worth it. I'll be getting it done all over again in 6 months.

My Favorites from the Benito Santos show atWeek Mexico Autumn/Winter 2016 Mercedes-Benz Fashion

My AncestryDNA Ethnicity Results

Monday, April 11, 2016

With me being adopted by my grandmother the moment I was born, I knew I was Italian. My mother and father were not ready to be parents, and although my dad was around a bit as a child, I knew nothing about my mother.

I always wanted to know who I was. I've always been interested in my Ethnicity! I identified as American because that's all I really knew, but I knew something was off. My grandmother was born in Puerto Rico, her parents migrated there from Italy, and I look so different from my sister.

With all those factors, I decided it was time to get tested. I bought a AncestryDNA Ethnicity test from the website, spit in the tube and waited... and waited.... AND WAITED!! Eight long weeks.

So... Finally here are the results.

I'm pretty surprised. Although people say I look very mixed I never knew I was from so many different areas of the world.

I wasn't surprised with the Iberian Peninsula & Italy in my DNA, but everything else wasn't expected.

I'm 20% Native American, and 8% Great British... I don't even know if I'm even saying this right!

I'm 22% African! This is amazing!!!!

With all this I can't help but think about how my ancestors lived back then, especially coming from different areas of the world.

I'm still waiting on another DNA test which tells me more in depth information, maybe what parts exactly my DNA is from.

I'm under the assumption that the Italian side is from Lombardia, but we shall see.

I don't even know what to do with all this information. With the DNA test results it linked me to people who have a lot of similar DNA which can be cousins. I'm scared to click on their profiles but after a while I will eventually click.

I'm over the moon excited, and I cannot wait to learn a lot more about my history.

When I get the second DNA test back I will be glad to share it with you guys.

Studio on Hold

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Well, thank you allergies. I appreciate you making me sneeze every time I open the door to what is supposed to be my STUDIO.

This room has so much work that needs to be done, and I can't take it! All my sewing equipment is in the closet in the house, while I'm at my apartment. I don't know where to start until that carpet comes up. We ripped up a small part and it's very unfinished.

My "studio" aka the attic space is 12X24 feet. I added the brown after realizing it looks horrible. The left side of the room is going to be the kids play area, while the other side is going to be my studio.

 Who ever had this house before, just let it go. The rug is in horrible condition. There was a huge hole on the right side, which I managed to cover up.

James put the railing up, and I painted the walls. Come to find out I HATE the color so much.

I'm waiting on my cousin to come in to give us a quote on the flooring, and if he doesn't come I researched how to do it myself.

Yay, for taking out the carpet and putting in a nice wood floor. Then getting all my studio equipment back in.

I really hope this room get's done soon. In the meantime I'm going to move some of my stuff back into my apartment. I'm haven't sewn in "sewwww" long.

I miss it.