39 Blog Post Ideas/ Writing Prompts for May 2016

Sunday, April 24, 2016

If you're anything like me, you get brain farts, writers blocks or many terms that mean the same thing. It's okay, it's normal we are human. Your writers block can be from you having a long day of work, having children, or just having a lot to do. I compiled a list of writing prompts that I will look back on, and use when I have a bad blogging day. I hope they help you as well!
  1. What's in my purse?
  2. Top 5 products of the month
  3. What have I Made?
  4. Favorite Sewing Products
  5. If you can meet a fashion icon from the past, who would it be, what would you say, and where would you meet?
  6. Create a wish list
  7. Tips and Tricks to get through college
  8. Favorite Bloggers
  9. Show some of your equipment (IE: Photographers showcase cameras and lighting set up or fashion designers showcase your sewing space. 
  10. Weekend DIY Project
  11. How to organize blogging space
  12. Conversations with an elderly relative. 
  13. Show the latest workout routine you love. 
  14. End of Spring, bucket list
  15. Review a book
  16. Review a show/movie
  17. Day in the life post
  18. Awful fast food experience. 
  19. Makeup tips for steamy hot days
  20. Must have workout items
  21. Get ready with me
  22. Thirift store haul
  23. Interview someone in your niche
  24. Week round up
  25. Netflix Shows your binge watched. 
  26. Rant about pet peeves
  27. Favorite go to snacks
  28. Your tattoos and piercings 
  29. Your go to hair style
  30. Morning routine
  31. Purchases of regret
  32. Night Routine
  33. How to organize clothes
  34. Spring Cleaning Tips
  35. Favorite cartoon characters
  36. Favorite non makeup cosmetics
  37. Favorite books in your niche
  38. Favorite Instagram accounts in your niche
  39. Favorite Twitter accounts in your niche
Feel free to use all or some of these if you're in a writers block. I would love to see what you write! Link down below! 


  1. Thanks for these! Bookmarked for later when that writer's block kicks in! ;)




  2. Great list! Thank you all gathered in one place! This should always be at hand :)

  3. Thanks so much for this. Being a blogger and working woman myself I can so relate to you.
    Hina | www.hinasworld.com