New Barbie Creation: Jumpsuit, re-purposed Fabric, Fifth Harmony Barbie Doll

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

 Hey everyone! I hope all is well. Today's inspiration is a jumpsuit made out of a knit tank top that I no longer wear. I used the same pattern as yesterdays pants and added two inches to the top.
 I saw this doll at Toys R Us, and although I'm not sure which of the Fifth Harmony girls this was, I thought she looked the most like us and could be a part of the doll family.
 I loved the shirt that I used for her jumpsuit, and I think it would be a cool series to create a re-purposed series using clothing we no longer wear.
 Once I get the scanner up and running again or getting a new one all together I will start posting the free sewing patterns here, and we can sew along together.

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