How to Become a Fashion Designer, 8 Tips on Making it.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Hey, everyone. I hope everyone is doing well. Today I wanted to share some advice on those who would like to become a fashion designer. When I say fashion designer I mean the traditional sense of one who draw's their design, creates their own pattern and sew's it themselves, not the designers who create their work on garments which are already made such as T-shirt designers.

  • Learn your craft, spend time learning how to sketch, pattern draft and sew. This can take years and years to learn. I've been sewing, drawing, and drafting patterns for over ten years, and there are still things that I don't know. Give your 10,000 hours before you begin to start your professional journey. 

  • Work for someone. You need to know how a business is ran before you start your own. The best way to do that is work for someone who already has a company. Take advantage and learn everything you possibly can. Be a spectator, always ask questions if you don't ask answers and learn about customer service. If you cannot find a job in the fashion design, offer to intern at a boutique or a vintage shop. Working for someone will help you make connections with people who can possibly be your customers. 

  • Read a lot of books. You don't even need to leave the house to get books as many are offered as E-books or audio books, which you can download right on your tablet or phone. 

  • Watch a lot of YouTube videos, you can learn everything you need to learn about starting your own fashion design business simply by learning more about it. 

  • Learn how to take photographs using a DSLR camera, you'll be able to photograph your own designs and it will save you on hiring a photographer. 

  • Learn how to blog/create a website. You're going to need a way to showcase your creations and pull in customers. Having a website is a great way to get customers. 

  • Learn how to social network. Remember "You are what you post." Be professional, and kind to everyone who comments. If someone comments something you don't like, delete the comment, and DON'T RESPOND. People will see the comment and the way you reacted, and it will make you lose customers. 

  • Know it takes time... It can take 2-4 years to learn everything you need to know on your own. If you go to college like I did it took me three years to earn my degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising, and I took my time with it. If you learn it on your own, and you dedicate yourself, you can save yourself a lot of money. 

  • Be authentic, don't try to be like any other fashion designers. You will NOT make it trying to be like someone else, and the worse thing to be especially in the fashion industry is a copy cat. 
 I hope my tips are able to help you on your journey on becoming a great fashion designer.