How to Fasten Threads

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hey everyone. Today I wanted to post a couple of tips on how to fasten threads.

Tailor's Knot

On better garments, a tailor's knot is used instead of a backtack to fasten the threads at the end of a row of machine stitching. To make a tailors knot:

1) Pull the needle thread through to the wrong side of the garment and give both threads a sharp tug.
2) Twist the threads together once or twice so they will be easy to handle.
3) Make an overhand knot to set the knot at the end of the row of stitching. The tailor's knot wont hold securely if it isn't close to the fabric. It may take some practice to set the knot perfectly.

To set the knot closer to the fabric, insert a needle into the large loop and then tighten the knot.

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