Freebie Alert: Barbie/12" Fashion Doll Wideleg "Boyfriend" Pants

Monday, December 12, 2016

Hey everyone, I hope everyone is doing well. Today I wanted to share a free pattern that I will be making videos for. Today's pattern is a wide leg pant that is ADORABLE!

These pants can be as wide as you like. You would make these pants out of woven fabric (fabric that doesn't stretch.)

You will need:
1) Scissors
2) Woven Fabric
3) Velcro
4) Needle and Thread or Sewing Machine.

Stitches you will need:
1) Straight Stitch
2) Zig-Zag Stitch

1) 8X10 Print
2) The line on the paper should be 1" long to fit 12" Fashion doll or Barbie

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