How to Become a Fashion Designer for Little to No Cost

Sunday, December 18, 2016

If I can go back, I honestly wouldn't have went to school for Fashion Design and Merchandising. Looking back, I could have taught myself...Maybe I'm saying that because I already graduated, or maybe because these student loans are killing me. I had to spend a lot of money before I realized... Hey... I can probably do this for free or little cost.

I know a lot of people are opposed to or Freecycle, but honestly it's a life saver.

On craigslist you can browse around the free section, people are giving away desks, computers, sewing machines and yes...fabric...

Are you looking for something specific? is amazing.

On freecycle you can post exactly what you need once a month. People who have the items don't want to throw them out, so they are sent to a good home... Yours!

I had a huge project due, couldn't afford the fabric for my course in school. I posted that I needed fabric for this, and I got 3 people to respond. I received enough fabric to last a year. I had to make three trips to fill up my car with this fabric.

The lady who gave me the fabric, emailed me a month later asked if I wanted a sewing machine, and a camera that she was getting rid of.

I was set for the entire year, and I couldn't have been more appreciative.

Looking to learn for free? YouTube... YES, YOUTUBE! It's a world of know. You can learn everything you need to. From basic sewing to advanced sewing, its all there.

Tutorial blogs, Pinterest, and google! The world is at your fingertips, learning doesn't have to cost $60,000.

I started off with stuff I got for free, and it made me appreciate all the things I have now.

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