I'm Jennifer and I would like to welcome you to my blog.  I've been blogging for over 6 years, when I created a blog called "Gibmee." Gibmee was a parenting lifestyle blog. I chronicled our life, and how it was taking care of my grandmother. I decided to let the blog go because they were getting older, and I felt uncomfortable posting photographs and posting about them especially with the kids being too young to understand. 

I'm a fashion design graduate (C/O 2011) and I have taught myself the basics of photography, editing, web design and more. 

Although I'm not a professional, I love photography. I learned to photograph my creations in my last two years of college because I couldn't afford a photographer for portfolio class. I ended up with this:

Although there were a lot more photo shoots, these were my favorite.

So a little more about me, I'm an engaged mommy of two and I'm part of the Sandwich Generation. This means I take care of my own children while caring for my 91 year old grandmother. Soon I will be running two households as my fiance and I just purchased our own home, two streets away from where I currently live.

I am one of eight. My parents were drug addicts that unfortunately both passed away, my grandmother raised me until she got sick. My mother ended up having 7 children who were all adopted out, while my dad did the best he could to raise my sister and I until he passed away in 1996. I recently found my mothers side of the family 3 years ago, and thanks to the adoption network I found my brother a few months ago.
I created this blog as an outlet. Somewhere I can write, talk to new people and explore the world in a digital way. I cannot travel because I cannot just get up and leave. I am able to work full time as a CNA because we have a set of home health aides who come help out while I work. This blog is somewhere I can escape and just write whenever my thoughts come about. I love to teach so I would like to teach you guys everything I've ever learned:
  1. The fashion design process
  2. Sewing
  3. Photography Basics
  4. DIY
I hope you enjoy my blog.



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  1. hi blue jean please upload the bobbin winding video thank you